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Thank you!

Thank you to the over 125 people who participated in the Professional Organizer Training Institute™ training programs this past year. It was my extreme pleasure to inspire, educate, and train you to launch your own Professional Organizing business.

If you are planning to launch your business in 2010 we have upcoming training opportunities to get you started on a successful and profitable business:

Webinar Units I, II, and IV: January 12-March 4, 2010; 5:00-6:00 p.m. Pacific Time; Tuesdays/Thursdays. Registration deadline is December 29, 2009.

Seminar February 8-10, 2010 early bird registration deadline is January 18, 2010. This seminar is already half full.

To say informed about future training opportunities and the organizing industry you are invited to become a fan of the Professional Organizer Training Institute™ Facebook page.

Last, but not least, I am offering FREE shipping on my book Get Rich Organizing through December 24, 2009. After you submit your order, send me an e-mail (…

Ask the Organizer Panel

Last month I was invited to be on the NAPO Oregon Golden Circle Member panel at our monthly meeting. I thought it might be insightful to those who are interested in becoming a professional organizer and to those already in the business to read the questions they asked me and my responses:

How has your business evolved since you first started as a professional organizer? (Include when you started your business.)
I officially started my business SolutionsForYou, Inc. in January 2003 and joined NAPO and NAPO Oregon the same month. I was asked to be the NAPO Oregon board secretary in April 2003 and remained on the board until May 2009—acting as Secretary, Vice President/Director of Membership, President, and Immediate Past President.

I loved all aspects of launching a business. After six months of business launching activities, my husband—who was working from home at the time, turned to me kicked the chair that I was sitting and said, “Don’t you think it’s time to find a client?” To whic…

So Thrilled...We've been nominated!!!

I just learned the Professional Organizer Training Institute™ has been nominated as the Most Valuable Educational Resource for the 2010 NAPO LA Organizing Awards.

This is THE AWARD EVENT for the professional organizing industry!!! PLEASE VOTE for me--the Professional Organizer Training Institute™! Go to

First feedback on my book...

I received my first feedback on my book, Get Rich Organizing: The Professional Organizer Survival Guide to Launch, Manage, and Grow a Profitable Business.

Here's what Julia says...

Hi Anne,
"We originally connected on LinkedIn. I received an email from your website when Get Rich Organizing was released.

I LOVE the book! Last night, I wrote out answers for the questions in the first two chapters. The book is really helping me focus on specialization as an organizer and where I need to apply more focus as a business owner. I'll definitely write a review when I'm finished. And I know that I'll be constantly using it as a resource!"

Here's what Cindy says...
"Got my book! How exciting for you to have your name on the spine of a book. I love books! I am enjoying reading bits and pieces of it. I have been reading about the different clients you have come across. congratulations - and thank you for the note and the autograph.

Time to vote for the 2010 NAPO-LA Organizing Awards

Vote For the Professional Organizer Training Institute by September 30th

From the Professional Organizer Training Institute™, Anne Blumer

It’s that time of year again--Time to vote for the 2010 NAPO-LA Organizing Awards. It's easy. Here's how:

Visit the NAPO LA Organizing Awards website
On the right side click on “Awards 2010 Nomination Form
Enter your password or create a password.
Find the category for Most Valuable Educational Resource.
Enter Professional Organizer Training Institute™ Information:

Nominee: Professional Organizer Training Institute™
Contact/Position: Anne Blumer
Address: 7220 SW Burlingame Avenue, Portland,OR 97219
Phone: 503.246.0710
Years in business: 6
Type of business/product/service: Service
Reason for nomination: Say what you wish!

Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to do this. I truly appreciate your vote and love training and educating Professio…

My Book is Published!

Get Rich Organizing: The Professional Organizer Survival Guide to Launch, Manage, and Grow a Profitable Business

Order your signed copy now!

Listen to my book interview with Susan Creal
access code 220447
phone 6054754875
subscriber pin 401106

August Seminar

I just completed a three-day training program and launched three new professional organizers. Meet (from left to right) Tonya, Sharon, and Tami.

I love, love, love to train new organizers!! See Sharon, Tonya and Tami in action at their client practicum.

If you are interested in becoming a Professional Organizer or know of someone who would be a great Professional Organizer we have another seminar in November. Or if you prefer distance learning we are starting our webinar series in September.

My book, Get Rich Organizing: The Professional Organizer Survival Guide to Launch, Manage, and Grow a Profitable Business is now available. Order your copy now!

Communicating Your Value

If you have attended my Professional Organizer Training and Education Program webinar or seminar you know the underlying message I repeat over and over is the importance and impact of communicating your value to your client.

I came across this video of Don Hutson on the subject of selling your value. It reiterates what I say and more. Bottom line, if you clearly communicate your value, your client will pay your price.

Your client's perceived value of your service must be equal to or greater than your price. For example here is what a client of mine said after working with me, "It’s amazing; my desk is no longer a catchall. Nobody touches this space except me now—before I was the only one who didn’t use this space. I can find any piece of paper I am looking for and I know where to file paper when I receive it. I am so appreciative of Anne, I can’t say that enough. She coached me through the entire process. I feel so much calmer now that I can make decisions and manage my paper…

Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations...What's the Difference?

I came across the "Elephant's Walk" story [not sure where now] and I think it sums up the difference between advertising, marketing, public relations:

"If the circus is coming to town and you paint a sign saying “Circus coming to the Fairground Saturday,” that’s advertising.

If you put the sign on the back of an elephant and walk him into town, that’s promotion.

If the elephant walks through the mayor’s flowerbed, that’s publicity.

If you can get the mayor to laugh about it, that’s public relations.

And if you actually planned the elephant’s walk, that’s marketing."

Want to learn how to market your professional organizing business and more? Here's how.

Rich Brooks 10 Marketing Tips for Organizing Professionals

Rich Brooks was a speaker at the NAPO 2009 conference. He shares his thoughts and marketing tips for organizing professionals:

I thought a lot about some of the unique challenges professional organizers face, and so here's my list of 10 things professional organizers can do to better market themselves.

1. Get listed in local search. Your business is local. That should drive a lot of your marketing choices. Improve your visibility in local search by visiting, which will walk you through the process of getting listed in the four most important engines for local search.

2. Don't use an AOL, Yahoo,, Comcast or even Gmail address on your business card (or anywhere else.) It reeks of amateurism, and you're no amateurs. You're professional organizers, and your email address should be promoting your brand, not AOL's.

3. Where are you? Your business is local. Include your address on your business card. On the 100 or so business cards I got at the con…

Interview With Susan Creel

Success Driven Woman Interview Series Presents:
Anne Blumer, Professional Organizer
Owner and Founder of SolutionsForYou, Inc.

May 13, 2009 12:00-1:00 p.m. (Eastern Time)

Registration Cost: FREE

Sign up now to learn:

•Anne's story and how she became such a success!
•Which obstacles she encountered and how she overcame them.
•Tips on getting organized in your own home/office.
•How to get started on a project and how to KEEP it organized!
•Much, much more!

There will also be time for a Q&A session at the end. Get your questions ready!

SPECIAL BONUS: Anne will be giving away TWO File Solutions Home Filing Systems!! ($32.95 each value!)

Ask the Trainer

Question: Hi Anne-
I just picked up a new customer-someone in my networking group. She has already told me that her house is very bad. And others in the group, when they found out she hired me, rolled their eyes and said, "Good luck!". I'm afraid she is most likely a chronically disorganized and maybe a hoarder. Her plan is to sell her house, but right now she's looking to rent somewhere and weed through the stuff in the empty house. She'll probably make a mess in the new place too.

I'm a little nervous about this; I have an appointment on Monday. She seems willing to purge and wants to change and get rid of stuff; I guess I'm a little anxious that if she DOES have a problem, it may be more than I can handle. I've already told myself not to feel bad if we only get so far; it won't be my fault if we take a step forward and 2 back, right? Any wise advice from a seasoned pro?

Answer: My initial reaction is to say, “no” because you don’t have the traini…

June Seminar - Recession Rate

We are offering our June seminar at the low, low, rate of $999 if you register by May 18th. That's $300 off our early bird rate and $600 of our regular rate. Now is a very good time to learn How to Build Your Professional Organizer Business and Clientele! And remember, your registration is a business deduction. This is a win-win for you! Register now!!

F*R*E*E Teleclasses You Don't Want To Miss!

Ready to make some long needed changes, but aren't sure how?

Join Professional Success and Wellness Coach, Susan Creal for these F*R*E*E, teleclasses and finally overcome your negative beliefs you have and be free and open for an organized, successful life.

How to create an organized, successful mindset and eliminate those negative, self-defeating beliefs for good!
April 21, 2009 8:00-9:00 p.m ET

How to gain back control, clarity and organization in your business and life.
May 12, 2009 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET

About the Coach:
Susan Creal is known as a Success and Wellness Coach for Women Entrepreneurs because she knows first-hand how to overcome obstacles both personal and professional with using specific tools and techniques she uses in her own life and the hundreds of women she has coached over the years. She is the founder of Success Driven Woman, LLC, a company supporting women entrepreneurs and sales professionals in creating lasting change, a success mindset and unstoppable self-…

Professional Organizer Industry Trends

If you are interested in the Professional Organizer Industry trends (1998-2007) such as this graph, contact me and I will share my findings with you. You can e-mail me at

Ask the Trainer Q&A

Hi Anne, I hope all is well with you. I am writing the marketing section of my business plan and I am searching for articles and information on the growth of our industry. Can you advise me on the best place to gather this information? Thank you so much for your guidance. It is a great support through this rocky building time! Best, Cathy

Hi Cathy,
The best source is NAPO and the Board of Certified Professional Organizers. Understand, any industry information is going to be lagging by about two years, but you can get trends. However, the trends are changing in general due to the economic climate of today is so vastly different than it has been as during the growth of our industry. You might also just do a general Google search "professional organizer industry" and read the websites that come up.

If you find anything great--email me the link(s).


NAPO Conference April 29-May 2, 2009

I made the decision to go and my reservations to the NAPO annual Conference! If you are planning on attending, let me know so we can connect. If you have been a Webinar participant I would love to meet you face to face. If you are new to the NAPO conference scene I would be happy to help you get oriented.

I hope to see you there!

Upcoming Events You Don't Want to Miss

I’m very excited to see that the Professional Organizer industry is growing in this economy. Twenty-two new Professional Organizers launched their business with our Track 1, January and February Seminars, and Self Study program this year--that's two short months!

Our Professional Organizer Training Program for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs is the best place to start to launch your business or to become retrained in a new field that will see you through these tough economic times while realizing your dream of launching your Professional Organizer Business. Don't miss out! Register now for the next Webinar track or April 1-3 Seminar.

I look forward to meeting you soon at one of our Seminars, Webinars, or through our Self-study Program.

You can live the dream. Start here today!

Ask the Trainer - Is it a good time to start a business?

At the NAPO Oregon Vendor Expo this past weekend I was asked, “With the economy being what it is, is it really a good time to start a Professional Organizer business?”

Answer: I replied, “It is probably the best time to start any business because you will have the time to focus on your Action List—everything you need to do to launch your business successfully. When the economy picks up people will start loosening their purse-strings and start spending again, then you will be ready for them. In the meantime, with the clients and contacts you do make be sure to communicate the value of your services and how you can benefit them.”

Do you want your own Action List with everything you need to do to launch your Professional Organizer business successfully? Do you want to learn how to communicate the value of your services and how you can benefit your clients? Now is the best time! The Professional Organizer industry is growing!! Our Track 1 Webinar filled and we are launching new Pro…

Marketing Tip

Seth Godin's blog today titled The goals you never hear about, talks about being remarkable--the basis of his book, Purple Cow Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable. This quote from his blog inspires me to stand out and speak up and be remarkable, because I am who he speaks of--the one who is trying not to screw up in front of others and say something wrong.

"It's not stupid to have a stated goal of starting several ventures that will fail, or asking three stupid questions a week, or posting a blog post that the world disagrees with. If you don't have goals like this, how exactly are you going to luck into being remarkable?"

AM Northwest TV Debut

Last week I experienced my AM Northwest TV debut launching a series of segments on Solutions for Your Organizing Resolutions. I was a tad bit nervous because I have never been on TV, except for a brief stint on the Heck Harper Show when I was six years old.

Guests of AM Northwest wait nervously in what is called the “green room”. I was fortunate to have a very fun co-guest to chat with and take my nervousness down several notches, her name is Jill Keto and she is the author of Don’t Get Caught With Your Skirt Down a Practical Girl’s Recession Guide. Jill has a different perspective on our economic outlook and offers alternative investment choices to what the traditionalists are espousing. If you want a new and fresh perspective, check out Jill’s segment on AM NW , definitely take more than a glance at her book , and for ongoing economic information follow her blog.


Subscribe to a list-serve or blog that serves your target market or that helps you grow your business. Such as I subscribe to this blog and received a tip today that I want to share with you.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize: Customers. It starts out; "It's all about the customer. The underlying message for businesses of all sizes, especially in the current economic climate is simple: Hang on to your customers. The most important actions businesses can take right now is to stay in contact with customers, assure them that your business is here to stay, listen to their needs and treat them like they are valued. Try to focus your communication on informational content that adds value to them--not just promotional content. Make every customer touch point count." Sound advice! Want to finish the article by Gail Goodman read on.

Professional Organizer Industry is Growing!

I’m very excited to see that the Professional Organizer industry is growing in this economy. Fourteen new participants are engaged in our Webinar Track 1 and Self-study Programs!

Our Professional Organizer Training Program for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs is the best place to start to launch your business or to become retrained in a new field that will see you through these tough economic times while realizing your dream of launching your Professional Organizer Business. Don't miss out! Register now for the next Webinar track or February Seminar

I look forward to meeting you soon at one of our Seminars, Webinars, or through our Self-study Program.

You can live the dream. Start here today!

Marketing Tip

If you haven’t already set your business and marketing goals for 2009 consider doing it now before the year slips away.

For each business goal answer these questions:

Why is this an absolute must for you to achieve this goal?
How do you plan to accomplish this?
What resources do you need?
What threats are there?
What is your first step?
What is your deadline to accomplish this goal?

For each business goal what is your marketing:
Daily Action:

Taking action now will prouduce increased revenue for you throughout the year!