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Hi Anne,
I feel like my business is stuck and I really need help with marketing. Can you give me a boost?

Answer: Marketing is something you never stop doing, or shouldn’t stop doing, for two important reasons. One – it keeps you in front of your client and potential client. Two – it keeps you sharp and focused on your services and what you can offer.

If you really feel stuck and want some expert guidance I suggest you work with a Marketing Coach specific to our industry. And, lucky you there is one. Her name is Brandie, Kajino and her business is The Home Office Organizer. Check out what she can offer Professional Organizers at Good luck and tell Brandie you heard about her from me.

If it is a website you need—my #1 marketing recommendation--I can help you with your website development. To get started read what we offer and then complete our online request form. If you have a website and would like to link with ours, you can …

Ask the Trainer

Question: I would like to run this opportunity by you for your suggestions and/or thoughts. I have the opportunity to speak with some tenants of an office park about organizing their work space for the new year. I have about 50 minutes total to teach them something! I was planning on providing some take-aways, besides my business card! Any thoughts?

Answer: You could talk about just paper management or time management or a combination of both.

Talk about what a lack of organizational skills causes; loss of time, money, space, energy, relationships and then talk about the value your services can provide; regaining time, money, space, energy and relationships. Sell your VALUE!

You could give them a little questionnaire to find out if their preference is for paper or electronic time management tools. Gives them an activity and you a break.

Or, you could have them fill out the Your Relationship With Clutter exercise from Unit II.

If you are feeling really brave, do a demonstration.…