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Do you have questions about becoming a Professional Organizer? Here are my top FAQs to help you decide.

I receive many inquiries about our Professional Organizer training and education programs and questions about how to get started in the field of Professional Organizing. Maybe you have questions too. If you do, than you might be interested in reading my top frequently asked questions and answers:

Hi Anne, I wanted to introduce myself - my present circumstances - and last but not least honor the gift I was born with; a skill that just came so naturally that I didn't see the value in it or myself (obviously). Nothing like a divorce - to motivate one to grow up, change, accept myself and transition gracefully into the next chapter. I am wondering whether or not I should take your class in person? Get your book? Write a business plan before your book? this economic climate, is business good or even happening for professional organizers? Any suggestions you have for short term plans, (i.e., places to work and 'learn the business' while generating income and w…

Is a Professional Organizer Career in Your Future?

Before becoming a Certified Professional Organizer, my friends kept telling me this is the right career for me, and they were right! I’ve been a Professional Organizer for almost eight years and certified for almost four years. I absolutely love this career. What I love more is training and educating new Professional Organizers so they can have a successful business too.

There are no specific qualifications for our training programs. To help you decide if you are ready, answer these questions:

1. Do you have a sense of humor?
2. Are you non-judgmental?
3. Do you like to teach others?
4. Are you a good listener?
5. Can you visually measure space and approximate how furniture and items will fit?
6. Does the idea of cleaning out your closet excite you?
7. Does the idea of cleaning out someone else’s closet excite you?
8. Have you ever organized someone else’s stuff?
9. Do you get excited when you see a messy or disorganized space?
10. If someone doesn’t agree with your approach to organ…