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Marketing Tip

Seth Godin's blog today titled The goals you never hear about, talks about being remarkable--the basis of his book, Purple Cow Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable. This quote from his blog inspires me to stand out and speak up and be remarkable, because I am who he speaks of--the one who is trying not to screw up in front of others and say something wrong.

"It's not stupid to have a stated goal of starting several ventures that will fail, or asking three stupid questions a week, or posting a blog post that the world disagrees with. If you don't have goals like this, how exactly are you going to luck into being remarkable?"

AM Northwest TV Debut

Last week I experienced my AM Northwest TV debut launching a series of segments on Solutions for Your Organizing Resolutions. I was a tad bit nervous because I have never been on TV, except for a brief stint on the Heck Harper Show when I was six years old.

Guests of AM Northwest wait nervously in what is called the “green room”. I was fortunate to have a very fun co-guest to chat with and take my nervousness down several notches, her name is Jill Keto and she is the author of Don’t Get Caught With Your Skirt Down a Practical Girl’s Recession Guide. Jill has a different perspective on our economic outlook and offers alternative investment choices to what the traditionalists are espousing. If you want a new and fresh perspective, check out Jill’s segment on AM NW , definitely take more than a glance at her book , and for ongoing economic information follow her blog.


Subscribe to a list-serve or blog that serves your target market or that helps you grow your business. Such as I subscribe to this blog and received a tip today that I want to share with you.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize: Customers. It starts out; "It's all about the customer. The underlying message for businesses of all sizes, especially in the current economic climate is simple: Hang on to your customers. The most important actions businesses can take right now is to stay in contact with customers, assure them that your business is here to stay, listen to their needs and treat them like they are valued. Try to focus your communication on informational content that adds value to them--not just promotional content. Make every customer touch point count." Sound advice! Want to finish the article by Gail Goodman read on.

Professional Organizer Industry is Growing!

I’m very excited to see that the Professional Organizer industry is growing in this economy. Fourteen new participants are engaged in our Webinar Track 1 and Self-study Programs!

Our Professional Organizer Training Program for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs is the best place to start to launch your business or to become retrained in a new field that will see you through these tough economic times while realizing your dream of launching your Professional Organizer Business. Don't miss out! Register now for the next Webinar track or February Seminar

I look forward to meeting you soon at one of our Seminars, Webinars, or through our Self-study Program.

You can live the dream. Start here today!

Marketing Tip

If you haven’t already set your business and marketing goals for 2009 consider doing it now before the year slips away.

For each business goal answer these questions:

Why is this an absolute must for you to achieve this goal?
How do you plan to accomplish this?
What resources do you need?
What threats are there?
What is your first step?
What is your deadline to accomplish this goal?

For each business goal what is your marketing:
Daily Action:

Taking action now will prouduce increased revenue for you throughout the year!