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Follow Your Joy!

Does organizing your pantry, closet, junk drawer, anything bring you joy?   Are you interested in starting a Professional Organizing business and you are not sure where to start?  
Each layer of our Fast Track Method™ training and education program develops your skills and confidence to work with clients and Master the Business of Organizing™. Layer by layer we provide you with increased protection that your business will thrive. You will not find another professional organizer training program with our unique layered approach, comprehensiveness, and affordability.
Your confidence will rapidly increase after experiencing our unique two- day client practicum with a REAL client.  Here's what you can experience at a client practicum:

Next client practicum opportunity is August 6-8, 2018.  Learn more and register here.

Niche Professional Organizers - Our Interview with Tywanquila Walker

Niche Professional Organizers Interviews with Professional Organizers focusing on their unique niche. 
This month we interviewed
Tywanquila Walkerof Order Your Life
Anne: Tywanquila, why did you become a professional organizer?Tywanquila: I became a professional organizer because organizing is something I love doing.  Sometimes, I walk into a space, and I can literally see what it can be.  Within seconds, objects float to their intended destinations.  Papers are filed away or placed in neat piles.  In my mind’s eye, the room is brighter, tidier, and more functional.
Furthermore, I love helping other people visualize their goals and then reach those goals.  Helping other people see the vision of what could be is rewarding.  Organizing is like sitting down to create a work of art.  The canvas is alive, and it speaks to the artist.  Eventually, the canvas speaks to the viewers as well.
Anne: As an organization consultant, you specialize in helping others organize moves.  What suggestions do y…

Professional Organizing Business Launch Checklist

If you are like me when I was contemplating starting my Professional Organizing business, you are not sure where to start and are probably feeling like you might fail before you even begin.

You don't have to feel that way!  Download our *free* Business Launch Checklist to complete what is necessary to start your Professional Organizing business today!