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Do you have questions about becoming a Professional Organizer? Here are my top FAQs to help you decide.

I receive many inquiries about our Professional Organizer training and education programs and questions about how to get started in the field of Professional Organizing. Maybe you have questions too. If you do, than you might be interested in reading my top frequently asked questions and answers:

Hi Anne, I wanted to introduce myself - my present circumstances - and last but not least honor the gift I was born with; a skill that just came so naturally that I didn't see the value in it or myself (obviously). Nothing like a divorce - to motivate one to grow up, change, accept myself and transition gracefully into the next chapter. I am wondering whether or not I should take your class in person? Get your book? Write a business plan before your book? this economic climate, is business good or even happening for professional organizers? Any suggestions you have for short term plans, (i.e., places to work and 'learn the business' while generating income and w…

Is a Professional Organizer Career in Your Future?

Before becoming a Certified Professional Organizer, my friends kept telling me this is the right career for me, and they were right! I’ve been a Professional Organizer for almost eight years and certified for almost four years. I absolutely love this career. What I love more is training and educating new Professional Organizers so they can have a successful business too.

There are no specific qualifications for our training programs. To help you decide if you are ready, answer these questions:

1. Do you have a sense of humor?
2. Are you non-judgmental?
3. Do you like to teach others?
4. Are you a good listener?
5. Can you visually measure space and approximate how furniture and items will fit?
6. Does the idea of cleaning out your closet excite you?
7. Does the idea of cleaning out someone else’s closet excite you?
8. Have you ever organized someone else’s stuff?
9. Do you get excited when you see a messy or disorganized space?
10. If someone doesn’t agree with your approach to organizing are y…

So Excited to Receive this News...


On behalf of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO-LA), we are very pleased to inform you that you are an official finalist for the upcoming 2011 Los Angeles Organizing Awards!

Nominations made by members of the professional organizing industry and the public earlier this year recognized you and/or your company as being one of the best in your field (Most Valuable Educational Resource).

Please see the complete list of finalists in all twenty-four categories and vote now for the winners."

I'm the underdog and up against some heavy-weight competition (large organizations such as NAPO and NSGCD). Your vote for me, Professional Organizer Training Institute, under the category MOST VALUABLE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE will make all the difference.

Thank you,

Checkout Five New Professional Organizers

Wrapped up our 2010 training on September 29th by launching five new professional organizers. Meet from left Linda, Denise, Gordon, Susan, Sandy.

View their exciting and awesome client practicum organizing project here.

I'm looking forward to launching more professional organizers in 2011. I hope you will join me for one of our seminars or self-study programs.

Are you thinking about becoming a Professional Organizer?

If you have been thinking about entering the field of Professional Organizing but have no idea how to get started or are not sure if you are doing what you need to be doing to be successful, it’s time for you to get serious and educate yourself.

Begin by reading my book Get Rich Organizing to verify this is the right profession for you. You might be able to organize anything, but can you organize someone else? You may have worked for a business, but can you manage your own? These are just a few of the questions that I will review with you.

Next get in-depth training, education, resources, forms and other essential materials to launch, manage and grow your business by enrolling in our Self Study program.

For the richest learning experience and to achieve your potential in the shortest period of time, attend our live 3-day seminar where you will work hands-on with a real client. Our next seminar is September 27-29, 2010 and it is already rapidly filling up.

I’m looking forward to workin…

NAPO Conference - Video

I had a fabulous time at the NAPO conference in Columbus, Ohio. It was fun to take my flip camera and capture some events and highlights.

Here's a video of Gabriel Fishman of Gabriel Organizes demonstrating what to include in your travel backpack for conference using the Eagle Creek Universal Backpack. I'm ordering mine now for future conference travels.


Learn How to Organize an Entire Home

Professional Organizer Training™ program provides you with a 5 part series on Room-by-Room Residential Organizing.

This series will educate you on the basics of organizing each room of a home including:
*How to apply my 5 Steps to Organizing® process
*Keep-let go criteria to help your clients through difficult decisions
*6 challenging stumbling blocks to letting go and how to overcome them
*For each room the typical problems (habits) that cause disorganization, how to create zones, product solutions from budget to extreme, new organizing habits to establish, estimated time for organizing, before/after visuals, and a basic maintenance plan to keep your clients organized.

Order now and earn 5 hours of CEU towards certification with our self study program. Only $75 now through March 31, 2010. That's only $15/CEU hour!

March Madness

Launch your Professional Organizer business or learn more about how to become a Professional Organizer now at a very affordable price.

Through March 31, 2010 our Self Study Program is half price!! That's right, 50% off the regular price. Act now and save $$$$.

Units I, II, and IV only $200
Units I and II only $125
Unit IV only $75

What are you waiting for? Get started now!

Big Changes for Professional Organizer Certification CEU Eligibility

The Board of Certified Professional Organizers (BCPO) announced this week that Continuing Education Unit (CEU) eligibility requirements have been revised to include some online and recorded courses. The revised CEU eligibility requirements are as follows:
1. Classes must be at least 60 minutes long.
2. Classes must provide skills and knowledge that allow you to better serve your clients.
3. Classes must be live, web-based, or recorded.
4. For initial certification, at least 70% of the CEUs claimed as substitute hours must be for live classes; up to 30% may be for web-based or recorded classes.
5. For re-certification, of the 45 required CEUs, at least 30 must be for live classes; up to 15 may be for web-based or recorded classes.

We offer online and recorded courses that are eligible for certification CEU's that you can attend by online live Webinar or recorded Self-Study Program options. Unit I is primarily focused on forming your business. Unit II, Unit IV and our new GO System t…

What people are saying about our GO System Training

Here's what people are saying about our GO System training:

I thoroughly enjoyed the training and felt that Anne was clear and concise with the information.

I am a new organizer and really appreciated the depth and scope of information presented in the webinar. Having an understanding of underlying issues with clients is essential in providing excellent service. Signe Hill

I highly recommend the Go System as a set of tools to work with in order to become more productive, have more clarity and work more efficiently.

The Go System course was both enlightening and educational. It is unlike any other organizing course I have taken. Knowing why things instead of just knowing that they happen will make me both a better Professional Organizer and a better business owner. I highly recommend this course to anyone that would like some specific actions to take to improve their productivity. Cindy Vanhoff Professional Organizer Reclaimed Spaces, LLC Spokane, Washington

I really liked the multi-ta…

NAPO Oregon Presents: 2010 Pacific Northwest Organizing Expo

This is a free event, so come join us! Stop by and see me at the Professional Organizer Training Institute booth. Great door prizes!

For more information visit their website .

NAPO Oregon Presents: 2010 Pacific Northwest Organizing Expo
January 30, 2010, 10:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.
Montgomery Park
, 2701 NW Vaughn Street, Portland Oregon