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I love what I do!

Today I’m preparing for the July 15-17 Layer 2 Seminar training and client practicum. I was reviewing the May participant’s remarks to capture improvements to the training curriculum and thought I would share their feedback:

Jenee - Anne and her 3 day seminar really are amazing! Her program was beyond what I expected, she goes the extra mile for every part of it. The only thing I would change is the distance that separates us (Florida-Oregon). Anne truly has so much to offer to this industry, I'm glad I had the opportunity to learn from the best! As I continue in this field I'm excited to have her as a mentor.

Elida - The training seminar, was rejuvenating! It exceeded my expectations and experience! Anne is extremely professional and of course organized!! I love when things just flow and stay on track, and the seminar did just that!

Marie - I found the Institute for ProfessionalOrganizers training to be invaluable in taking my business to the next level. Although I had already worked with several clients on my own, the hands-on client practicum was an excellent experience. It gave me the opportunity to ask questions from an experienced organizer in the midst of working with the client. I really enjoyed the in-class review of our business plans, etc. I love that kind of small-group brainstorming and I get ideas when I hear others talk about their plans. Since I need to work on being more comfortable around presenting my business, having us stand up and present our plans using the video screen, would have been great practice. I would definitely recommend this training to others.

(l-r: Elida, Jenee, Marie, Debbie, Susan, Deanne)

Debbie - I couldn't be happier with my training with the Institute for Professional Organizers. Each layer is very thorough. The information provided on business basics and needs assessment is priceless. It has given me the needed knowledge to start my business and serve the client in a sensitive, educated way. I highly recommend this training.

Deanne - The experience that was generated in terms of exposure to a random work environment with little to no information on the client with a team of people you know little to nothing about was a uniquely valuable training exercise. It's an opportunity to "think on the fly" without carrying the full burden of responsibility for the project as you implement the concept of team work. It's an opportunity to be exposed to varying methods of approach and thinking that will either force you to think outside the box to learn a new way of approaching a problem or it will confirm the practices you already implement when working with a client and be that silent confidence boost we all need as we grow our services and professionalism.

Susan - There are not enough words to express how grateful I am to have Anne Blumer of the Institute for Professional Organizers as my professional organizing mentor.  Anne's achievements and expertise, and her willingness to share is invaluable.  Anne has an incredible talent for inspiring others.  My deepest thanks!

I learn so much from each seminar and every participant.  I can't wait for the next seminar. I love what I do!


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