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NAPO 2011 Conference - Taking Your Business to the Next Level

A few weeks ago I spent five days in not so sunny San Diego for the annual NAPO conference. I thought I would share a few of my experiences with you in case you weren't able to attend...

I love, love, love attending conference. I love getting away for a week and totally immersing myself in the world of organizing with my colleagues, friends and participants of my training program. I leave energized and with a list of ideas to implement in my training program and my work with clients. This year was no different, except it was my first time as an exhibitor at the Expo. Instead of being a kid in my candy store, I was part of the candy store and that was very different.

It was exciting to be an exhibitor and also exhausting. I met so many people who had purchased my book Get Rich Organizing, attended a seminar or trained with my self-study program who shared with me how much I have helped them with the launch and success of their business. Their words were so affirming for me that what I do matters. I know I love to teach new Professional Organizers and it was heartwarming to know how much others learn from me.

On the flip side, standing for 12 hours three days in a row did not make my feet happy and I didn't have much time to interact with the other exhibitors, attend as many educational sessions or imbibe in happy hour with my fun roomies, Danielle Liu and Megan Spears.

I would like to share the exhibitors I did meet because they have fabulous products, educational courses, books or an opportunity for you to be an affiliate of their program who are ready to take your business to the next level.

Meet Megan McGlynn and Kathleen Cowley with KC Streamline Concepts: If you are tired of having to piece together a filing box system for each of your clients and spending an exorbitant amount of money on the various components then you will love the Alpha-Omega Organizer™! You can help your clients de-clutter their work and living spaces, reduce stress, and optimize their productivity with this portable, turnkey organizing system. It's completely customizable to fit their office or home decor, and even better - it's affordable! They offer their AOO Affiliate Sales Program to professional organizers and you will receive a 15% discount on all orders.

Meet Paris Love of Organize With Love who offers Professional Organizers Breakthrough Boot Camp - Insider Secrets to a Thriving Professional Organizing Business training course. Paris says, "after you have trained with Anne, come work with me to get to the next level of you business".

Denslow Brown, The Diva of Organizing! More importantly of the Coach Approach For Organizers. Do you want to improve your communication with your clients? Or, perhaps you want to add coaching to your repertoire of organizing services. Denslow will help you achieve those goals. Stay tuned, Denslow and I are talking about how we can collaborate to provide you with foundational coaching skills.

Casey Moore's new book Stop Organizing, Start Producing clearly explains how you can increase productivity and quality of life. Your bookshelf is not complete without Casey's book.

Elizabeth Hagen: If you are ready to stand out and accelerate your success as a woman entrepreneur, then Elizabeth is the person who will take you there with her business coaching services. Elizabeth is one of those rare authentic people you will be fortunate to meet.

Donna Smallin of Send Out Cards which is an easy way to keep in touch with clients throughout the year. Donna is also the author of several organizing books that would be excellent additions to your reference library.

Extraordinary Organizing: If you already have an organizing business, this is the perfect way to build your consulting business. People who attend shows often want personal service and you will be the one they want to hire!

This is just a sampling of the conference experience. The educational sessions are invaluable. The few I attended I walked away with inspiration and ideas I had not thought of. If you have never been, you are missing out. Make a plan now to invest in yourself and your business by attending the NAPO 2012 conference in Baltimore, Maryland March 21-24!


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